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Barbara Cartlands Etiquette love romance

Barbara Cartlands Etiquette love romance

I am a girly girl who happens to abhor rom-coms and chick flicks. As such, I'd thought this was another chick flick. I refused to shell out the bucks and see this in the theater. Waited til today. Was surprised to find a smart, sharp, beautifully performed, realistic yet entertaining composite portrait of what we all go through. Five Star film. Acting shout-outs in particular to the JenBen couple and Ginnifer Goodwin and Justin Long. Jennifer Connelly, even in a film that may not perhaps be Oscar material, shows us that no matter what she does, she herself is Oscar material every moment she inhabits a frame. I felt her pain, especially (spoiler hint alert) how she focused on the ciggies. Been there. We really do that. The writing and situations are so realistic we have all been there. Should be required viewing for every adult. Highly recommended. One sorry note: The DVD itself, which was just released today, has almost nothing in the way of extras with the exception of a few deleted scenes.

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