Rabu, 20 Juni 2012

No other book needed in this genre!

Get Guy Learn Secrets Deserve

Get Guy Learn Secrets Deserve

To be honest, my goal wasn`t to buy the book to learn how to get the guy, my goal was pure curiosity.
I have never had a problem how to get the guy etc. I just haven`t met the one.
For a long time now, I haven`t even tried to find him, because I have so much more in my life right now, what is more important to me. My idea was, that when i am ready, then i will try to find him or if by change it happens before, then ok.
It was only when I realized how wrong I was. So let me tell you what changed my mind.

Yesterday I got the book Get the Guy, and I decided to go home after work to start to read it. Before I finished my work, I got a call from my friend, who asked me to go to the cinema and after the movie out with him and his friends. Because I felt tired and wanted to relax and read the book, I said to him maybe next time.
So when I went home, I started to read...after a 30 pages, I got so inspired with the book that I called to my friend and asked, can I still join them for the cinema etc. To my luck, the answer was yes.
So I went out, took all the knowledge and the advices with me and do you know what...
At that night i met 12 guys and from 12 guys 11 was awesome. They where nice, sweet, polite, funny and a lot more...everything what you can imagine to wish for. i felt like I am a princess, who is the most beautiful, precious woman they have ever met. Even today, I am so surprised , that in one night I met more good guys than I have met in 8 years.
NB: I even met a girl, who said to me, that if she would be lesbian she would definitely date me :D .
Now I know, that even the little changes in your life, can change more than you can imagine! I can`t wait what will happen when I am finished reading the book.

NB: going out that night, my goal wasn`t to find a perfect/ good guy. My goal was to communicate with people and to be the same person who i am: fun, life loving independent high-value woman. The difference was, that even though I was the same, I now had the knowledge how people see me, when I act some way. Also, I had in my head a sentence that haunt me all night...it was... Never settle for less than you are worth! To me, this sentence accompanied me with all the people I met that night: young, old, guys, girls etc.
And i know, because of all this, people treated me the way I really deserve to be treated.

So all to you, who are still thinking, to buy or not to by this book, I have only one thing to say. No matter who you are, no matter where you are going in your life...in some point, you will need somebody to stand by you and help you. Don`t waist another second of your life, to be in the same spot, doing the same mistakes and never meeting the good guys or even good people. They are all around. So close, you just have to reach out and they are there.
Trust me, I thought that there are only few % of good guys out there, and the change for me meeting them, are almost 0...and now, I can tell you, that there are more good guys out there, than you can ever imagine.
SO i hope you get the change to read this book, and find out how to attract the good guys, how to change your life etc.
Al thought i haven`t figured out everything yet, I have found my way.

Thank you soooo much Matthew Hussey for writing the book and being there for us!

Get your Get Guy Learn Secrets Deserve Now!

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  1. I will try to make a very long story short. I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years now, and in that amount of time i can't keep track on the number of times he has gone behind my back when it came to other females, he has cheated on me 4 times that he has confessed and 2 of the times i got STD's from him from his cheating. He used to be into partying and drinking every night but over the years he has learned to stop because he knows it hurts me, he has gotten a lot better he will actually spend time with me and not go out and party like a single guy would. We have our own company and live together. My mother is crazy enough because she loves me and cosigned 4 student loans over to him for college. He hasn't cheated on me recently that i know of but continues to get more and more profiles for online dating sites and actually met up with one of the girls he was talking to and lied to me about it. It has become an obsession for him and when i talk to him about he says hes not doing anything wrong because its not cheating simply because he is not having sex with these females (he doesn't believe in emotionally cheating which hurts me more) and it is just a game for him. when i put my foot down and said you dont understand how much it hurts me, he said okay ill erase them. Next thing i know he still has all of them and again added more profiles. He tells me he wont leave me for another girl and that hes trying to work out our problems but he has a problem of accepting that he is in denial and gets defensive and always turns it on me that its my fault. He has admitted to me that he is scared of commitment, but he says hes still with me through everything so he thinks that counts for something, he says hes not ready to be in a serious relationship like i am, but yet he loves me so much and everything i do for him he can't leave me and doesn't want to loose me. (Kinda like you can't have your cake and eat it to type of deal) But i have recently started going to church more and getting closer to my spiritual side and it tells me not to give up on those that are hard to love just keep praying about it. My mother and all my friends want me to break up with him and say i deserve better but to be honest im scared to start over especially with all the scars on my heart. I love this man and anyone would call me crazy to stay with him through everything he has done to me but we have made progress and gotten stronger from the conflict we have had and something keeps telling me to not give up on faith and that people can change. Hes not a bad dude he helps me out most of the time, cares for me encourages me and inspires me to follow my dreams his only bad habbit is online dating sites. The trust issue has definetly ruined our relationship and i told him relationships shouldnt have secrets but he turns it around and says but we need our own privacy and you wont give me that. Im completely open to him he knows all my passwords and i let him use my phone but he refuses to let me see anything of his thats how i know he is hiding stuff. Im confused on what to do, please help me! I dont want to leave and regret it and i don't want to stay to the point i regret that also, im torn in the middle.

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  4. So basically I am 17 and I want to have sex with a guy.But most of my friends think I'm not a virgin.the thing I fear the most is when I do decide to have sex with a good looking guy that he will find out I'm a virgin.Like I don't know has my hymen broke yet even though I do sports.is there anyway I could break the hymen to avoid embarrassment.how can you fake your not a virgin?

  5. Kirsten Schwartz12 Desember 2012 06.32

    What should a person do if they find themselves in a long distance relationship and the hope of anything actually working out is nil. Should they continue talking or just drop it and move on?

  6. Especially when the man is emotionally and physically abusive. Are they just in denial or what?