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Obsessed Americas Food Addiction Own

Obsessed Americas Food Addiction Own

I have to admit. I've been somewhat leery of Mika and many hosts at MSNBC because I know they're partisan. They're like the Fox News version of liberals. However, I have to give Mika and her handlers a lot of credit because this book surprised me in a positive way and convinced me that she's no shrill partisan at all! When someone from Fox News writes a book that can make me say that, I'll be surprised, too, but I'm not holding my breath, miha. LOL.

I thought that Mika was just another one of those blond leg-crossers on cable news without much substance, but this book is highly intelligent, thoughtful and emotionally moving. I never thought that a 50-something, "attractive" woman like her could have issues against food and obesity that she fights each and every day like the stilettoed warrior she is, miha. Oh, you go, girl.
I totally agree that she is one brave pepita for waging the War Against Obesity, which is better than the phony War on Terror or the made-up War on Drugs that conservatives make up. After all, decades of liberal spending programs have taught us all that you can change people's behavior through increased regulations and by simply throwing more and more money at the problem. All experts agree on this, and if you don't, then you must be from the South.

In the pages of this extremely brave book that makes Sex and the Single Girl look like a passage from the Bible (fairytale book), Mika offers her central-government solutions for ridding every American of obesity once and for all. I'm totally behind her on this because I believe that the government has a right to impose its will on Americans for the sake of collectivism. After all, with Obama in power now, look how everything is running smoothly with full employment, no debt, no terrorism and no problems at all to speak of in his earthly paradise. And it's all due to collectivism, baby. Yeah, baby!

I'm impressed with how logical Mika is, especially when liberals get an unfair rap from haters like Michael Savage, who weirdly say they're mentally ill. I disagree. For example, Mika makes a great case in arguing that obese kids should be taken away from their abusive parents, which is the epitome of well-reasoned thinking to me, ese! She also is in favor of establishing a National Obesity Database that will keep tabs on every overweight American for years to come. Again, I believe in the power of the federal government (bigger is better, yo!) for American awesomeness in the years to come. Yeah, baby!

In short, don't let me bore you with my completely accurate description of Mika's plans for your little children who may or may not be obese. Purchase this book from Amazon immediately to read all the genius, Einstein-like ideas floating around in that blonde-dyed head of hers. Mika isn't just a beautiful creature (rowr!). She's also a highly intelligent leg-crosser on cable news who is almost as smart as Nancy Drew. Yeah, baby.

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  1. I love cooking and i already own 9 cookbooks and for my birthday my boyfriend sent me flowers and a $160 Amazon gift card because we don't see each other often because we're in a long distance relationship. Anyway i wasn't planning on buying cookbooks but i didn't realize the only thing you can buy on Amazon is things sold by them and not third party sellers so my only options were books and dvd's. I ended up but Monk season 1 and 2 and 5 cookbooks, which honestly if it wasn't a gift card i would never have spent that much money or bought that many cookbooks at least at once. Anyway am i the only person that owns that many cookbooks or is cookbook obsessed?

  2. I am healthy, play sports. My diet isnt to healthy. I eat a lot of sweets, and not enough fruits or veggies. its hard for me to enjoy raw fruits and veggies because i have pollen food allergy (or oral allergy) its when the body confuses pollen (which im allergic to) with the protein of raw fruits and veggies. So my mouth itches when i eat fruit. I cant enjoy my fav fruits (pineapples!) anyway so i eat a lot of candy. I ATE A WHOLE BAG IN ONE DAY. thats a lot of sugar. -__-. is this really that bad?

  3. I tried from eating all junk food to just sour sweets but its not working, i tried smoking but people say they would rather me have weed than tobacco, seems silly. I cant stop my addiction and was wondering what I could do without visiting a doctor or groups