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Haywire Gina Carano

Haywire Gina Carano

I loved Haywire, it was a refreshing old school action movie with a simple primal and clean plot (revenge) that relied on awesome fighting scenes and great action rather than the much over used special effects that we see way too much nowadays.

I was REALLY impressed with Gina Carano in this movie not only was this her first real movie, and not only was she in there with a top notch all-star who's who of Hollywood cast where poor acting would have REALLY stood out but she was the star of the movie, who the movie was focused on, and she did an amazing job of carrying this movie. Gina's fight scenes were just awesome!!!!!, her portrayal of a gorgeous badass black opps contractor for hire was totally believable..............I also found myself both liking and rooting for Mallory Kane (Gina's character) and the fighting scenes were so brutally real i found myself cringing and wincing at some of the impacts................Like I said it was hard to believe this was Carano's first real movie, if she doesnt become a "bigtime" action star like the Rock I will be very surprised and very disappointed!!!!

I'm REALLY hoping for a sequel to Haywire it kinda reminded me of the Bourne series movies..........All I can say to anyone who didnt like Haywire, I think either you dont really care for action movies or you saw the big time all star cast and figured there would be a much more complex plot with more dramatic character development and acting rather than the simple very clean plot that I feel worked very well, with the main focus on the amazing fight and action scenes..........on a similar note to anyone who didnt like Gina Carano as Mallory Kane, you have to ask yourself was she believable as a gorgeous badass black opps contractor for hire, did you find yourself liking and/or rooting for Mallory Kane, did you find yourself cringing or wincing during any of the brutally realistic fighting scenes.........if you answered yes to any of these then Gina did a great job............Good actors or actresses inspire strong feelings, they pull you into the movie and make you feel what they are feeling, like or hate or root for them........Poor actors are either miscast and/or not believable in their roles or say or do something annoying or distracting that takes our focus away from the story and character they are trying to portray. The acting and casting in Haywire was top notch.

Right now the Rock is the ONLY real "bigtime" action star we have Stalone, Arnold, VanDam, Seagal, etc......have pretty much passed the baton and are pretty much retired action movie stars, and we've NEVER really had a woman action star............I think just like The Rock, Gina Carano has the charm, charisma, beauty and skills to become a bigtime action star.........I think thats what Soderberg saw in her as well, and I think thats why she was so popular in MMA...........she has that "something special" that will allow her to fill a key niche and make lots of amazing badass movies, she's a total package with amazing fighting skills that translate to the big screen very well, great charisma and charm, and a rare combination of beauty, while still being totally believable as a badass..............I cant think of another action star who was as good in their first movie........she was MUCH better than Arnold, VanDam, Seagall, Rampage Jackson...........and worlds better than Triple H, John Cena etc.........under MUCH more difficult circumstances ( being the STAR of her first movie with an all star who's who of Hollywood cast to measure up to)

Like the Rock I also think Carano could be versatile enough to play other roles than action and be good. she has a lot of charm and charisma and a genuine down to earth sweetness and I think she would be could in romantic comedy type movies and of course super hero movies and dramas...........Not sure if she could be mean enough to play a villain or not though........but I do think she would make an AMAZING Wonder Woman........since Lynda Carter played that role I NEVER thought another actress could match up to her but I take that back today Carano has the beauty, charm, sweetness and amazing smile to play the role plus she brings the badass amazonian comic book presence to the role as well that I cant see ANYONE but her bringing.

In closing I'm hoping to see more Haywire sequels!!!!...........and ALOT more Gina Carano!!!!!

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  1. I saw Haywire a few weeks ago, it got good reviews but i have to say it's the worst movie i have ever seen. People in my theatre walked out, what was the plot?

  2. Ok so my friends and I got into an argument. Basically it's about Gina Carano, I wont go into details heh. So I'm asking for some opinions. Who believes that Gina will return to MMA after she is finished her movie "Haywire"? There's no best answer I'm just asking for any opinion... well no rude answers please lol

  3. Karl Fitzpatrick18 November 2012 03.32

    Rumors of Gina Carano as WW just cause she can fight???? if we want to watch a cage fight, we'd go watch one of her fights. We’re talking about watching a movie here, she can’t act at all. She was horrible in Haywire, I couldn’t even watch the whole movie. You can teach any actor how to fight but learning how to act takes time and talent. A whole movie of her as WW will definitely not be a hit. She might be sleeping with Henry Cavill but she surely is not WW. Hopefully they’ll find suited unknown for the role. I'd rather see Kristen Stewart as WW than her even if she is an emotionless freak.

  4. She beats up or kills several men in the film: is she a role model for girls to aspire to?