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Transvestite Larry Wheeler Leonard Maddock

Transvestite Larry Wheeler Leonard Maddock

Quite an interesting, yet...exceptionally torrid view of the female version of the life presented by the AMC series "Mad Men". Being an avid "Mad Men" fan, this book held a great deal of interest for me. I must say, it more than fulfilled my expectations. Perpetual extra-marital and otherwise sex, pimping, wild office romps, "nooners", this book has it all.

On a more serious note, this book is an invaluable tool for understanding the difficulties of working women at the time. The blatant sexism, the difficulties that women had to overcome to achieve in what war really a man's world are vividly expressed. Quite a few chapters are devoted to the age-old problems facing working women who wish to maintain a career, be a good mother and also a good partner. Nothing ever seems to change in that regard. The women of the 60's faced an even higher degree of difficulty than women today. But, the emotional grind and the difficulties of trying to "do it all" , with its accompanying perpetual feeling of guilt are beautifully expressed.It was never easy to be a working women and it seems that nothing much has changed in that area. Let us hope that our daughters are better able to experience and enjoy their careers and their family life.

Having wondered about the female viewpoint of life at a 60's ad agency, this book answered many questions. Far from seeming oppressed and used, many of the women interviewed seemed to cynically recognize the best way to succeed on Mad. Ave. and were every bit the swingers that the males were. Reading of all of the wild activities, enabled and promoted by the newly-released "Pill", was a mind-boggling experience. Even so, as a woman, I was glad to be a product of the 70's. How any work was ever performed at these ad agencies is beyond my grasp. Not being judgmental,I just simply would not have had the energy required. A wild, well-written, educational, and fast read. Read it, you will have no regrets.

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