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STEVEN Steve Madden Womens Oxford

STEVEN Steve Madden Womens Oxford

"4" is a more mature album but yet has enough songs that she can make videos and appear on 106 and Park with the kiddies to pacify them. The writing is superb and there is great production put in place.

"I AM...SASHA FIERCE" was not a good album to me; though I thought "Dangerously In Love" was awesome, and was a big fan of "B'Day" but again "I AM...SASHA FIERCE" only had about less than a albums worth of good music.

My faves on "4" are:

Miss You- ohhhh this song can just rock you to sleep its so smooth.

Best Thing I never had- It really makes me think about the frogs I had to deal with to get my prince, I have seen the video and it makes perfect sense.

Party- Andre 3000 and Beyonce' on the same song with good production from Mr. Kanye West (he's not an artist I like) but he is a more than decent producer. I mean even the people on Columbia had to know how special this song was; she submitted over 70 songs and they picked this and Andre 3000 is the ONLY featured artist on the entire album...

Rather Die Young- OMG ladies this woman LOVES her some Jay-Z! LOL! It's okay because you are supposed to love your husband; so I truly understand her words and feelings in this song.

Love on Top- This sounds like something a Young Michael would have sang with the Jackson 5; very upbeat but a really great song!

Countdown- Just listen there is nothing not to like about this song! NOTHING!

People just buy the album; you will NOT be disappointed! I love how people dismissed the whole album as a flop before it was even released because they didn't like ONE single! I personally didn't like it either; I thought it was too easy but this appears to be the bait for the younger people to buy the albums ie: Single Ladies for her previous album and the other meat and potatoes on the actual album. I think she has at least 6 or 7 singles on this album and I look forward to hearing each and every one!

I would personally love to hear the other 60 or so songs that she made for this album that did not get selected to be on the album; I am sure they are good as well!

Go B!

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