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Amazing Dress!

Krazy Cocktail Party Evening Dress

Krazy Cocktail Party Evening Dress

I know that it has gotten a lot of flack for being `overrated', but seriously, this movie is ridiculously hilarious. I avoided it, thinking that it was just going to be an overuse of gross out humor, but it really isn't. Sure, it is offensive, but it is done in a VERY humorous way that makes this one never-ending laugh riot. It had NO BUSINESS winning all those comedy awards over the far more refreshing `(500) Days of Summer', but that is no reason to pan this film as unworthy of our attention. The jokes are all different and all hit with reckless abandon. The performances are fleshed out beautifully, and all of the actors really have great interaction with one another, which creates a natural chemistry even in the midst of highly unnatural circumstances. Bradley Cooper is dapper and charming, Ed Helms is hilariously unnerved and Zach Galifianakis is a comedic goldmine here. His performance is one of the best comedic performances of the decade. He really understands how NOT to overdue it while making sure that he is completely over the line. I never stopped laughing. The plot itself may have its fair share of holes and it may not all make sense (it's a slapstick buddy comedy, so it really isn't supposed to) but that doesn't matter because the screenplay is so rich with comedic engagement that you forget all about the fact that its one of the most improbably comedies in recent years. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas is not a phrase that carries a lot of weight, but this film makes VERY good use of that ageless moniker. I totally recommend this movie. If you are looking forward to just laying back and soaking in the laughter, this one delivers in spades...and then some!

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