Jumat, 13 Juli 2012

Elegance for a lifetime

Guide Elegance Properly Dressed Occasions

Guide Elegance Properly Dressed Occasions

As a professional designer I am always looking for gifts and books to recommend to my clients. This book is one of my favorites for its sense of wit and surprisingly accurate information. I have lived in London, Paris and Los Angeles and can promise that elegant women have changed very little over the past 40 years. There is definitely more diversity permitted, but elegance as a reflection of charm, refinement and economy have not changed much at all. Elegant women are neither showy, nor trendy, nor cheap. An elegant woman would not frivolously waste money at fast fashion retailers such as Forever 21 nor would they be caught dead dressed inappropriately for the situation. In our current culture of self absorbed me me me, it is nice to reflect on a time when giving care to ones appearance was a way of giving to others, helping others to be at ease and projecting the sense that you have assigned a certain amount of importance to being with them. Although the truly elegant woman is a vanishing bird, use this guide to assure it's recovery. There is no greater experience than to be in the presence of a woman whose appearance provides a subtle backdrop to her sparkling and charismatic personality. When you needn't worry about your appearance, you are free to express your personality and charms without worry.

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  1. Lorie Dickerson18 November 2011 14.32

    Can anyone help me with books on the basic etiquettes for ladies....!