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Mrs. O: The Face of Fashion Democracy

Mrs The Face Fashion Democracy

Mrs The Face Fashion Democracy

For all you sceptics who think this book is nothing more than glossy photographs, think again. This book has got to be one of the best I have ever come across in a long time and let me tell you why.

It is jam packed with photographs of the first lady not just in her public role but some dating back to her early days. The close ups on her jewellry, brooches, shoes and swatches are amazing. You get to REALLY scrutinise how classy this woman really is. Pages upon pages (it's a big book) of really beautiful pictures and lots of interviews with her favourite designers - Pinto, Mirzahi, Rodrigues, Sorenson, Kors, Ikram as well as all the jewellers. There is a lot to read - it is a book not a hardback magazine.

It also shows how Michelle will go down in history as THE most fashionable first lady ever. She mixes high end with low end, throws on belts and brooches and makes it her own. She recycles her items and makes completely different outfits every time AND her ability to really work colours is truly amazing. I'm out of breath.

More importantly, the first lady and the author shows that you don't need money to look good. Fashion can be classy as well as cheap and affordable. Fashion is not about someone having the ability to wear Valentino gowns or Gucci or Prada. Fashion should be relateable and many women will be able to relate to Michelle Obama and how she makes clothes WORK for her.

The author has done me a great favour, I have ordered another three copies as Christmas presents for my friends. Fantastic piece of work.

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