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The rules according to jwoww

The Rules According JWOWW Shore Tested

The Rules According JWOWW Shore Tested

Jenni Jwoww, Has once again surprised me. She seems so self confident on the show and has a persona of noone can break me and I am a hardcore person. Now as I read the book it shows that Jenni is a normal human girl growing up in her 20s in New york. The only difference between her and ourselves is she is a star now thanks to Jersey Shore. I can totally relate to her book as she writes it. I personally don't recommend the book for teenagers under 18. I went to her book signing and in front of me was a 7 year old dying to read her book. Sorry sweetie its not a book for you. I understand you want to see and meet her which is fine. But reading her book is not something for you. I believe Jwoww came about this book to help us become better woman and see most of our mistakes. We are no mans doormat. She helped me see some faults I have made and guess what she has made them too. So it shows that she is a HUMAN BEING and makes mistakes as well. Which will show all the people who think she lives an easy life and while most men would die to date her she will not just date anyone. She has her rules and if we take her advice and remember her words of wisdom we will end up with someone like Roger. Thank you Jwoww for a well written book. She does state in her book if your not 21 Don't drink, she doesn't say you have to smush. She is just explaining her point of view and makes it clear that she doesn't want you to end up in an unhealthy relationship, she is sharing her life experiences with us, she is speaking to all of us as friends its a different level its sincerely a reminder that we aren't alone. Its the things she did to help herself land Mr Right and if you read it and then keep in mind the things she say you may land Mister right =)

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