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A Dainty Lady

Barbie P f Albee Special Edition

Barbie P f Albee Special Edition

Great ("adult") love story! I wholeheartedly recommend this a fun story for those who came of age in the (post) X-Files period.

Listening to the audio books was my first exposure to the Twilight Series. I am about a decade removed from watching teen flics and am not usually a fan of romances - except for the 19th c. kind. But Keith Turan's review of the initial Twilight film, in which he extolled the movie as an unabashed and "Swooningly Risky Romance" peaked my interest [...]. These are GREAT STORIES! Listening transported me back to the feelings of intense romantic love and infatuation, not so much of the high school days (yikes!) but rather the feelings of first being engaged to be married. (Awww...) But, be forewarned, it is not a "sweet" fairytale story. (More "Grimm" than "Mother Goose.) Certainly not appropriate for kids. The sexual encounters are more (ahem) detailed than is probably necessary but, on the other hand, the story isn't as violent as the precursor "Eclipse."

I often listen to audiobooks (e.g. while cleaning house and running errands in the car) and this story is well suited to the genre: it is action-packed and full-to-bursting with game-changing, though not complex, plot twists. And though the dialogue can be a little repetitive, it's perfect for an audiobook where the listener's attention isn't consistently focused. I could tune out for a few minutes or so while focusing on my other tasks at hand and not lose the story. I would add a not of caution, though: if there are young ones around, wear headphones.

One a final note, Ilyana Kadushin is a great read. Her youthful-sounding voice is a good match for the Meyer's teenage protagonist. Though, I can imagine that if one is accustomed to hearing the screen actors instead, then it would be distracting.

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