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A [Straight] Woman's Review

Bitch Slap Unrated Julia Voth

Bitch Slap Unrated Julia Voth

From one of the producers of the 'Hercules' and 'Xena' Television series of the 90's comes this hilarious, over the top hommage to 'B' movie babes from the early silent screen to the present. The movie relentlessly assaults the senses through flashbacks, split screen images, and a powerhouse music soundtrack,to keep the viewer from catching a breather. Naturally, you will see 'Quentin Tarantino' nuances but the hard core viewer will see tributes to 'Russ Meyer', 'Jack Hill' and even 'Jess Franco' to keep this wonderful stew brewing. Cameos by 'Kevin Sorbo' and 'Lucy Lawless' and even 'Hercules' sidekick 'Michael Hurst' enhance the proceedings. Highly recommended to every fan who loves bitch slapping tough babes from 'Tura Satana' to 'Pam Grier'. You'll probably need a shower after the film concludes.

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  1. I only bought because the "Xena" guys were involved. "Xena" was cheesy, campy and fun, and I was hoping this would be too - and it is! I'm not even sure how I came across it, but have since bought three more copies for two guy friends and one bi girl. NOT for your average woman, unless she's into women or open minded. I'm both, so I loved it. Nice female bonding scene in the trailer too (bow chicka bowbow)

  2. The most anticipated and hyped up B-Movie ever. All three women were doing interviews everywhere for many many websites, they have videos on youtube. 3 of the most fun loving attractive women you'll see.

    After months and almost a whole year delaying the release BitchSlap is finally here and it is what you would expect from a B movie, but just a little better.

    Julia Voth and Erin Cummings create one of the most talked about girl/girl scenes. probably will go down as one of the most popular B Movies ever.

  3. This is a movie that shouldn't be taken seriously, which was the exact intent of the people who put it together. Just a kick back popcorn flick involving hot women with guns, and it's also funny! Camero has the best lines in the movie and the woman who plays Hel, Erin Cummings, should definitely play Wonder Woman. She's got the face, the body and the acting chops.

    I'm old enough to have been to real grindhouses and this movie fits in right with those old flicks, except unlike Tarintino's grindhouse film, this movie doesn't seek to recreate the grindhouse film, it simply IS a Grindhouse film.

  4. Katharine Torres12 Oktober 2012 06.32

    I'm not exactly sure what I was expecting when I rented Bitch Slap, besides of course beautiful women romping around in inappropriate clothing, which I got in abundance, but I sure wasn't expecting to enjoy this movie as much as I did. Nor did I expect such an in-depth, amusing, and unusually long "making of" special feature. I certainly wasn't expecting some of the candid reveals the heroines give in their voice-over (1 of 2 excellent audio commentary tracks). And I sure never expected to then rush out and buy this modern-day homage to the sexploitation films of my youth, but it was so fun I couldn't resist.

    Bitch Slap is by no means perfect. Its very low budget meant the makers had to live with some scene continuity issues that a more flush production would have fixed. The green screen work was at times painfully obvious, but I personally found that it added to the overall and over the top camp the film embraced. Some will disagree. Some might also be disappointed with an almost complete lack of nudity (there is a half-second blip of a nipple in a bar scene), but on this topic I think Slap's creators were spot on. The lack of nudity is much like the fabled Persian Flaw - a purposeful mar introduced so as not to offend the gods with man-made perfection. The female leads are so gorgeous, frankly, that had they bared all I would still be watching that movie. I'm sure the producers wanted to avoid lawsuits involving >4hour erectile issues. Also, and I mean this with all sincerity, Bitch Slap is not a bad date movie. Add nudity, however, and your female friend goes from thinking "I totally want to be that kick-ass chick" to "ewww... porn".

    To be clear, Bitch Slap is first and foremost a movie about hot women in skimpy clothes being bad-asses. If that doesn't sound like your cup of tea, well... I feel a little sorry for you and you should probably skip this movie. If, on the other hand, you're looking for a movie that actually manages to pay loving tribute to the sexploitation genre without itself being just another bad, B-movie then this is a must see.

    My only real complaint, and it's actually quite a big one, is that Bitch Slap does not seem to be available in Blu-Ray. For a movie that is in almost every sense of the word, beautiful, that I can't be watching the greatest cat-fight in history on Blu-Ray hi-def is a crime. Of course, what I'm really grumpy about is that I'm going to be buying this movie twice when the Blu-Ray version does come out.

    Oh well. Life's a Bitch.

  5. Really good fun! Loads of fight scenes and campy bad girl action. Plus some of our favourite familiar faces from Xena and Hercules. Don't miss it!